…” these bodies that never cease to unfold as much as the finite space of a drawing allows them, are in search of an equilibrium : they reveal the stages that will lead up to the birth of a three dimensional work.
Restating the physics of effort, the sequence of the movements of the body engages us in the same rush, reaching the too brief instant of stability. But the balance is each time so precarious that only the out come of a stop on the image can finally allow us to grasp it”…

Catalogue de l’exposition à Mayence (Allemagne) (PDF - 3.8 Mo)

Catalogue de l’exposition à Sarrebruck (Allemagne) (PDF - 2 Mo)


Lionel Auvergne was born in Nice on July 4th and lived in Villefranche-sur-mer until he was 3 years old.


His family moved to the central east area of France. He drew and painted everything surrounding him.


First encounter with the Louvre museum during a trip to Paris.


First trip to Italy (Rome), discovery of Roman sculpture and Italian renaissance.


Attends the Beaux-Art (art school) in Reims, studies painting, scuplture and etching. Discovers gothic period sculpture.


Travels to the Netherlands.


Returns to Italy but this time in Florence (Donatello).


Lionel Auvergne moves to Paris in order to complete his studies in sculpture at L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Art. His education comes mostly through the direct contact with the works of art in the Louvre collection.
Graduates from the Beaux-Art of Paris.


Numerous trips to Italy and encounter with Greek sculpture in Athens.


Exhibits in various “salons” , dividing his time equally between drawing and sculpture.
Exhibition (solo) at the Rambert Gallery in Paris.


Exhibition at the Valtat Gallery in Paris.
Exhibition (solo) at Rochefort-sur-mer.
Participates at the salon d’Automne, Comparaisons, Salon de la peinture à l’eau.
Produces large scale mural paintings in France and Morocco.
During these years he also produces over one hundred etchings and dry points.
Travels to Madrid.


Exhibition at the Mouvance Gallery in Paris.


Exhibition (solo) at the Guérard gallery in Paris.


Enlargement of a monument inaugurated in December in Paris and in Mainz (West Germany).
Exhibition at Port Navalo.


Exhibition at Luzern in Switzerland.


Exhibition (solo) at the French Institute in Mainz (West Germany).


Exhibition (solo) at the Stadtbibliotek in Sarrebrück (West Germany).


a large format series.

Works and lives in Paris since 1977.